7 myths about faith based group purchasing organizations

How faith based group purchasing organizations really work

Is a group purchasing organization (GPO) the right choice for your ministry? Learn how a good partner can help serve your community

Fiction: GPOs are just glorified intermediaries.  

Some GPOs do serve as intermediaries, but not all GPOs are the same. For example, CORD improves and helps optimize all areas of ministry – from supply chain purchasing to asset and risk management 

Our $36 billion in purchasing power means your ministry will no longer be viewed as an individual in today’s market, allowing you to experience up to 30% savings on a variety of services and products

Visit our FAQ page to learn more about GPOs and how they work.

Fiction: GPOs will control all purchasing decisions. 

Fact: Every GPO operates differently, and some may overreach. CORD collaborates with our members as a partner in all areas of spending, providing significant savings that ministries can invest back into their communities. Our members determine their purchasing needs and CORD takes it from there to ensure they receive the best prices and products.

We don’t compete with our members. Our team works alongside and forms long-lasting relationships with our members in order to keep you satisfied and best serve your community

Fiction: GPOs require purchasing from specific brands.

Fact: While some GPOs may require clients to work with specific brands, CORD has no obligation for members to work exclusively with our vendors 

We already provide access to more than 1500 contracted suppliers of brands with products and services you can trust. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, CORD is here to help you meet your specific needs 

Fiction: Working with GPOs is costly and labor-intensive. 

Good GPO partnership means lower costs and less stress. At CORD, our team does the sourcing, negotiating, and connecting for you to save your ministry time and money

Our goal is to provide faith-based communities with the best savings so that more resources can be directed to the service that really matters. With 6,500+ members and over 75 years combined experience in ministry operations, CORD is ready to give opportunities for much needed financial relief 

Fiction: GPOs are only helpful when it comes to food items.

Fact: Every GPO contracts differently, with some limited to specific product categories. CORD works with vendors across multiple categories to provide discounts for a wide range of products and services

Food and beverage is just the beginning. CORD works to support all areas of ministry from products like food service, office supplies, janitorial materials, and electronics, to services like safety instruction and insurance. 

Fiction: GPOs are limited to providing purchasing support.

Fact: Many traditional GPOs are limited, but CORD is invested in helping improve ministries and strengthen communities by providing a complete range of resources 

CORD members benefit from a variety of tools that help optimize mistry operations including advisory services, digital tools, sustainability resources and more

Fiction: Getting started with a GPO is a complex process.

Fact: While other GPOs may require more elaborate membership plans, CORD makes it extremely simple and free for all to join.

Just sign up and a CORD representative will get back to you so that you can start saving. Click here to learn what you can expect after joining.

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