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church stewardship

How To Run A Successful Stewardship Campaign

Church stewardship is the responsibility of managing and using the resources given by God for the benefit of His church. This can include anything from financial resources to time and talents. Different churches and denominations have varying views on stewardship, but it is essential that Christians are good stewards of what God has entrusted to…

7 myths about faith based group purchasing organizations

How faith based group purchasing organizations really work Is a group purchasing organization (GPO) the right choice for your ministry? Learn how a good partner can help serve your community Fiction: GPOs are just glorified intermediaries.   Some GPOs do serve as intermediaries, but not all GPOs are the same. For example, CORD improves and helps…

Join Over 6,500 Members

Thousands of ministries have found relief by joining CORD. No longer are you viewed as an individual property making purchases. Vendors now see you as part of a 10 billion buying power.