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UWS is a professional waste consulting company that can, in most cases, reduce your waste expenses and/or increase your recycling revenues by 25% to 60%.

Compensation is based only on the savings UWS secures for you. If they do not generate a savings and/or increase in your recycling revenues, there is no cost to your company.

As your working partner, here are just a few of the many services UWS provides:

Utilization of group purchasing to:

  •     Reduce Waste Cost
  •     Increase Recycling Revenues
  •     Enhance Services in your Agreements

UWS analyzes all waste equipment and operational processes to identify more creative and efficient methods of waste removal. They also audit variable cost waste invoices, settlement reports, and resolve your service issues.

Professional waste consulting that can significantly reduce your waste expenses.

United Waste Solutions provides a comprehensive "One stop shopping" approach to your company's needs in the areas of:

  1. UWS distinguishes various waste materials to identify recyclable materials that can be removed from the current waste stream, thereby reducing solid waste costs while creating recyclable revenue.
  2. UWS uncovers inefficiencies of equipment utilization and service frequencies to create more effective disposal of waste materials, eliminating unnecessary expenses.
  3. UWS employs comprehensive requests for pricing (RFP) to multiple service providers while leveraging a group purchasing approach to obtain savings for their partners.


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